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Last update: May 2013

Country profiles

Detailed information underlying the WHO/UNICEF coverage estimates is available for each country, accessed in country-specific excel documents, through the appropriate regional link below.


We suggest that new users view each excel file’s sheets in the following sequence. Please follow any accompanying instructions.


1. See the finished product:

Sheets “Trends_W” and “Trend_S” show the JMP 2013 estimates in an easy-to-use format. The water and sanitation “ladders” represent JMP-estimated trends in access over time (1990 to 2011), by urban, rural and total population.


2. If you wish, view also the background calculations and data:

Please download a short guide here and follow any accompanying instructions guiding you through the other excel sheets.


Countries by region


Latin America and the Caribbean

Europe and North America


Middle East and North Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa

Asia and Pacific