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Last update: Sep 2012

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From the Social Good Summit held in New York City September 24, 2012:


Hans Rosling explaining child survival trends using data from the A Promise Renewed and Levels and Trends in Child Mortality reports (Hans Rosling’s presentation starts at 3 minutes 25 seconds)





DevInfo Global Administrator Nicolas Pron answers questions about the latest incarnation of DevInfo: 6.0

What is DevInfo?
 [high | low]

What was UNICEF's role in the creation of DevInfo?
 [high | low]

How was DevInfo developed?
 [high | low]

What is contained in the DevInfo databases?
 [high | low]

What are the new features of DevInfo 6.0?
 [high | low]

How do people learn to use DevInfo?
 [high | low]

Who owns DevInfo?
 [high | low]

Who is the typical user of DevInfo?
 [high | low]

Why are the international standards important for data quality?
 [high | low]

Why is it important to track data for human development?
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DevInfo 6.0 
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          Ar: [high | low]   Ch: [high | low]   Ru: [high | low]



Fifth round of MICS in the making
 Eng: [high | low]; You Tube 


Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 4 rolls out across the globe
 Eng: [high | low]


Watch a video on "The MICS Process"
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         Ar:  [high | low]   Ch: [high | low]   Ru: [high | low]


Watch the "This is MICS" video
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          Ar: [high | low]   Ch: [high | low]   Ru: [high | low]


Field testing of the new MICS4 questionnaires