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Indirect estimates of child mortality

The end-decade MICS includes a child mortality module in the women's questionnaire which allows the estimation of infant and under-five mortality rate estimates. These questions provide the data for table 7 in appendix 6 in the MICS manual.

Infant and under-five mortality rate estimates can be derived from table 7 data through the use of a computer program, QFIVE, produced by the UN Population Division. Although the program is an MSDOS based program, it can also be utilized on IBM compatible PCs running Microsoft Windows. The instructions for use of the program are in an Acrobat file.

The computer program QFIVE can be downloaded from this site. The numerous files required by the program have been compressing into a self-extracting file. Once you have downloaded this file, create a new directory on your PC's hard drive, copy the file into this directory and double click on the file. A dialog box will appear on the screen asking you where you want the extracted program files to be put - select the directory you have just created. Once the files have been uncompressed, double click on the program named q5.exe, and the QFIVE program will start.

Please read the instructions on how to use this computer program for calculating estimates of infant and under-five mortality.