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Last update: May 2014

Data Interpretation, Further Analysis and Dissemination workshop presentations


All presentations (48 MB, zip)


Workshop Objectives
MICS Global Update
MICS Key Findings and Final Reports 
Tables on Sample and Survey Characteristics, Data Quality and Sampling Error
Overview of Data Quality Issues in MICS
Water and Sanitation
Maternal and Reproductive Health 
Survey Archiving
Child Health
HIV/AIDS and Sexual Behaviour
Literacy and Education 
Child Protection
Child Development
Access to Mass Media and Use of ICT, Life Satisfaction and Tobacco and Alcohol Use
Further Analysis Options Using MICS Data
Further Analysis and Dissemination
Further Analysis - Some examples
Further Analysis - Approaches to Using MICS for Poverty-Equity Analysis
Further Analysis - MODA
Planning for Data Dissemination
Examples of Dissemination Tools Developed for MICS
UNICEF supported data dissemination software DevInfo
Survey Archiving - CD ROM Builder