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Last update: Jul 2014



An effective dissemination strategy can play a crucial role in maximizing the use of MICS data. The overall MICS exercise does not end when a report is published. Efforts should be made to maximize the use of MICS results in order to:


  • report on progress towards national goals and global commitments such as the Millennium Development Goals, the World Fit for Children and the Convention on the Rights of the Child


  • update the situation analysis of children in a country


  • identify vulnerable groups and highlight disparities


  • stimulate “positive” competition (comparing a country to better- or worse-off neighbors or sub-national to national averages)


  • advocate for strengthening public policies and programmes in favor of children


  • mobilize stakeholders and stimulate national and local debates


  • facilitate additional in-depth analysis by academia and researchers


    Those objectives can be reached by:


  • creating awareness about MICS and interest in MICS data prior to data release


  • organizing an official release of the final data


  • engaging media and journalists


  • making MICS data and micro data, widely available at the national, regional and international level


  • planning  and conducting an effective distribution strategy for dissemination materials


    In that context, it is essential to design and produce a dissemination package for effectively communicating the MICS findings, for both technical and non-technical audiences.


    UNICEF has developed a series of dissemination templates which serve as simple tools to present MICS key findings. Most of the templates come in the Microsoft suite for easy customization or in Adobe InDesign. Step by step customization guides are provided as well. Country dissemination materials based on the templates, or not, are added to the site as they become available.