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Last update: Nov 2013

Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys - Round 5


The fifth round of the Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS) is scheduled for 2012-2014. Survey results from participating countries will be available starting from the end of 2013. 


Since 1995, UNICEF has supported countries for the collection of statistically sound and internationally comparable data through MICS surveys. High quality data on the situation of children and women generated through MICS surveys are essential for developing evidence-based policies and programmes, as well as for monitoring countries’ progress toward national goals and global commitments.

Over the last 17 years and four rounds of MICS, 240 MICS surveys have been conducted in more than 100 countries.



Countries will need good quality data for reporting in the context of a number of global initiatives, and MICS data will play a key role in this context.


The data generated in the fifth round of MICS surveys (and other nationally representative household surveys) will be critically important for final MDG reporting. MICS surveys will generate data on more than 20 MDG indicators. The United Nations Secretary General’s Final MDG Progress Report will be launched in September 2015. UNICEF and all lead agencies will need to submit vetted data to the UN Statistics Division, which is coordinating the preparation of the report, by March 2015. This means that all country level data from surveys need to be compiled and submitted to respective UN agencies by the summer of 2014, so that all inter-agency estimates can be submitted on time.

At least 3-4 months are required to produce initial estimates of indicators from household surveys. Therefore, fieldwork (data collection) for MICS surveys that will be conducted specifically for final MDG reporting will need to be completed before the end of 2013 or very early in 2014.




Beyond final MDG reporting, MICS5 surveys will contribute to the evidence base of other important initiatives. For example, monitoring of under-five mortality levels and key child survival interventions will be a critical component of Committing to Child Survival: A Promise Renewed, a global movement to end child deaths from preventable causes. MICS5 surveys will also provide data for tracking progress on the key indicators for the accountability framework proposed by the Commission on Information and Accountability for the Global Strategy for Women's and Children's Health.


As key data sources generating data on equity, MICS will play a key role in tracking progress towards elimination of disparities and inequities. While UNICEF and partners work with national governments to accelerate improvements in the lives of the most vulnerable, MICS will produce the data to validate the results of these focused interventions.



MICS5 questionnaires are being developed through consultations with experts from UN organizations, inter-agency monitoring groups and other global household survey programmes. The first versions of MICS5 questionnaires were field-tested in a pilot survey carried out in May-June 2012 in Bangladesh. Watch the video ‘Fifth round of MICS in the making’ below.



The final MICS5 questionnaires, indicator list, and several other survey tools are available here.

Related documents (for UNICEF staff members): Ex.Dir.CF/EXD/2012-004.