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Last update: Jan 2012

Survey design workshop presentations

All presentations (28 MB, zip)  


Objectives of the survey design workshop


Background, Process and Technical Assistance
MICS4 in the Context of Global Commitments and Reporting Needs
The MICS4 Process
MICS4 Technical Assistance
MICS Resources on the Web


Overview of Survey Tools
Overview of MICS4 Research Tools
Some Features of MICS4 Questionnaires and Modules
How to Customize MICS4 Questionnaires


Household Questionnaire
Household Information Panel and Household Listing Form
Water and Sanitation
Household Characteristics
Child Labour
Child Discipline
Salt Iodization


Questionnaire for Individual Women
Woman's Information Panel and Woman's Background
Child Mortality
Maternal and Newborn Health
Illness Symptoms
Unmet Need and Desire for Last Birth
Female Genital Mutilation-Cutting
Attitudes Toward Domestic Violence
Sexual Behaviour
Access to Mass Media and Use of Information/Communication Technology
Birth History
Life Satisfaction
Maternal Mortality
Post-natal Health Checks
Tobacco and Alcohol Use 


Questionnaire for Individual Men
Questionnaire for Individual Men


Questionnaire for Children Under Five
Under-5 Information Panel and Age
Birth Registration
Early Childhood Development
Care of Illness


Sampling Overview
Advanced Sampling


Survey Planning and Implementation
General Structure of a Country Survey Plan
Using GPS to Collect Cluster Locations
Field Staff and Field Procedures
Training of the Field Staff
Survey Logistics and Arrangements
Survey Quality Control
Use of PDAs in MICS


Data Processing and Post Fieldwork Activities
Data Entry and Processing
Data Analysis and Reporting
Data Archiving
Disseminating and Using MICS Data


Lessons Learned from MICS3
The MICS3 Evaluation