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Last update: Jul 2014

Country examples





      TFYR of Macedonia             Bosnia and Herzegovina [BiH]                 BiH [Roma Population]




Afghanistan: Factsheet


Argentina: Story on MICS


Belize: Flyer; The Status of Girls in Belize; Infographics 


Bhutan: Stacked Sheets; Banner; Note Book; Posters


Bosnia and Herzegovina: Infographics - General Population; Roma Population


Chad: Poster


Congo DR: CalendrieróCalendar; Calendrier muralóWall Calendar


Gambia: Leaflet; Poster


Iraq: Highlights from MICS4; Frequently Asked Questions; Poster; Table Calendar; Wall Calendar; Factsheet; Equity concept paper


Jamaica: Key Findings


Kazakhstan: Infographics [Eng] [Rus] [Kaz]; Story on MICS


Lao People's Democratic Republic: Leaflet, Fact Sheets: Education, Nutrition, WASH, Child Protection, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health.


Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of: Infographics


Mauritania: Women's and Children's Lives in Mauritania: A Child- and Mother-Friendly Report [Fr] [Ar]


Moldova: Key Findings (Infographics)


Nepal: Child friendly report: [Eng] [Np]; Design and packaging of final report in CD format


Nigeria: Factsheet


Serbia: Poster on Announcement for field work;  Poster on Announcement for field work in Roma; Four-pager on Selected Early Childhood Development and Roma Indicators; Key Highlights; Story about field work; MICS4 Key Highlights Brochure; Infographics


Suriname: Story on MICS


Swaziland: Summary Report


Togo: Factsheet


Ukraine: Infographics


Viet Nam: Calendar; Desk Calendar; Thematic Cards; MICS on Two Wheels; Story on MICS



Barbados: Barbados to conduct MICS survey


Belarus: Newspaper article announcing MICS [Ru]; Survey launch media coverage [Ru]; Press release [Ru]; Infographics Online 


Bhutan: National Launch of the BMIS 2010 Report


Congo DR: Press release


Iraq: MICS4 Report Launch Press Release; Speech by UNICEF Representative to Iraq, at the launch of MICS4; Initial findings of major survey


Kazakhstan: MICS results launched in Kazakh Parliament


Lao People's Democratic Republic: Newspaper article, Press releasePhotos


Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of: Newspaper: MIA; Kurir; Republika; Press 24 - Article 1; Press 24 - Article 2


Moldova: a) TV: EURO TV;  TV7; Privesc EUTV Moldova 1
               b) Newspaper: Moldova Suverana; Capitala; Ziarul de Garda; Info-Prim Neo News Agency
               c) Radio: Radio Free Europe    


Nepal: Media coverage; TV coverage


Serbia: Press clippings


St Lucia: First MICS on the Island; Saint Lucia prepares for Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey; Reporting on MICS workshop - March 2014; June 2013


Swaziland: More underweight babies from uneducated mothers; There are more male virgins than women


Tunisia: Press release [Fr]; Address by Ms. Maria-Luisa Fornara, UNICEF Representative [Fr];  UNICEF Representative speaks on Radio Tunis at the MICS4 launch event; Interview on Radio Tunis



Argentina: On life conditions of children, adolescents and women


Belize: Get in the MICS 4 improving the lives of our children


Bosnia and Herzegovina: Animated Infographics - General Population; Roma Population


Congo DR: MICS in ActionTV spot


Iraq: MICS Promotion Video [Ar]


Kazakhstan: MICS Promotion Videos [Kaz] [Rus

Lao People's Democratic Republic: Video on the Lao Social Indicator Survey (LSIS)


Moldova: Video Clip to announce fieldwork


Nepal: A pictorial narrative of MICS in Nepal


Swaziland: 2010 MICS in Swaziland


Thailand: Exploring the situation of children and women in Thailand



Belize: Bag; T-shirt



Iraq: MICS4 Highlights; Launch of the final report; Equity analysis



Thailand: Facebook fan page

Tunisia: Facebook fan page