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Last update: Jun 2012



DevInfo is a database technology supported by the UN that facilitates dissemination of survey and other datasets via advanced visualization tools.  Full details on the DevInfo initiative are available on http://www.devinfo.org


  • MICS4_En-Fr-Ru.tpl This is the full template for establishing a MICS4 database in DevInfo. This template matches the list of indicators and tabulation plan for MICS4. Small adjustments may be required for your country context.  The template is available in English, French and Russian.


  • Guidance to prepare MICS4 DevInfo database v4.docx This short 2-page document outlines the steps required to prepare a MICS4 database in DevInfo format.


  • DEMO_MICS DATABASE_14JUL11.mp4 This 15 minute video screencast demonstrates how to prepare a MICS4 database in DevInfo format, following steps of the guidance note above.


  • MICS4 DevInfo DKR July 2011 v1.1.pptx A brief powerpoint presented at the MICS4 Dissemination Workshop in Dakar in July 2011.


    For further assistance on dissemination of MICS4 data in DevInfo, please contact:


    Peter Leth, DevInfo Specialist, UNICEF New York (pleth@unicef.org) - English.


    Oumar Ndao Gning, Programme Assistant, UNICEF Dakar (ongning@unicef.org) French.


    Siraj Mahmudlu, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, UNICEF Geneva (smahmudlu@unicef.org) Russian.