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Last update: Mar 2008

Workshop 1 - Survey design

Workshop agenda (word)


All presentations (38 MB, zip)    


General Context, Features, Lessons Learned


Objectives of the Workshop (powerpoint)
MICS in the Context of Global Commitments and Reporting Needs (powerpoint)
Lessons Learned from MICS1 and MICS2 (powerpoint)
The MICS3 Process (powerpoint)
General Structure of a Country Survey Plan (powerpoint)
Country Survey Plan Template (word)
General Structure of MICS3 Questionnaires (powerpoint)
General Characteristics of MICS3 (powerpoint)


Questionnaire Topics



Household Information Panel and Household Listing (powerpoint)
Education (powerpoint)
Water and Sanitation (powerpoint)
Household Characteristics (powerpoint)
Insecticide Treated Nets (powerpoint)
Extended Household Listing and Children Orphaned and Made Vulnerable by HIV-AIDS (powerpoint)
Child Labour (powerpoint)
Salt Iodization (powerpoint)



Women's Information Panel and Women's Characteristics (powerpoint)
Child Mortality (powerpoint)
Tetanus Toxoid (powerpoint)
Maternal and Newborn Health (powerpoint)
Marriage and Polygyny (powerpoint)
Contraception (powerpoint)
Female Genital Cutting (powerpoint)
Sexual Behaviour (powerpoint)
HIV/AIDS (powerpoint)



Under-5 Information Panel and Under-5 Characteristics (powerpoint)
Birth Registration and Early Learning (powerpoint)
Vitamin A (powerpoint)
Breastfeeding (powerpoint)
Care of Illness (powerpoint)
Malaria (powerpoint)
Immunization (powerpoint)
Anthropometry (powerpoint)


Optional Modules

Additional Household Characteristics (powerpoint)
Security of Tenure and Durability of Housing (powerpoint)
Source and Cost of Supplies (powerpoint)
Child Discipline (powerpoint)
Disability (powerpoint)
Maternal Mortality (powerpoint)
Unmet Need (powerpoint)
Attitudes Toward Domestic Violence (powerpoint)
Child Development (powerpoint)
GPS etrex collection (powerpoint)
Geographic positioning system form (word)
GPS etrex (powerpoint)



Sampling (powerpoint)
Sampling Exercise (word)
Sample Household Size Template (excel)
Sample Size Calculator (zipped html)
Systematic PPS Sampling Example (excel)


Logistics, Training, Fieldwork

Survey Techniques (powerpoint)
Field Staff and Training Issues (powerpoint)
Survey Logistics (powerpoint)
Timetable and Budget Calculations - Budget Template (excel)
Timetable and Budget Calculations - Typical Timetable (word)
Survey Quality Control (powerpoint)


Data Processing, Dissemination, Follow Up

Data Entry and Processing (powerpoint)
Data Analysis and Report Writing (powerpoint)
DevInfo English (powerpoint)
Dissemination (powerpoint)
MICS Follow Up (powerpoint)