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Last update: Aug 2014

MICS3 Surveys

Datasets are provided in a compressed archive (zip) that contains a text document and SPSS data files.

The data may not be used for purposes other than those expressed in the application form and may not be redistributed or passed on to others in any form.

Mail forms to request datasets

Please note that there is a different user ID and password for each round of MICS datasets. To access the mail forms to request datasets for one or more of the following rounds, click on the corresponding links below:


MICS4:  http://www.childinfo.org/mailform2.php


MICS3: http://www.childinfo.org/mailform1.php


MICS2: http://www.childinfo.org/mailform.php


MICS3 surveys Year of Fieldwork Report† Survey archive Datasets
Central and Eastern Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States
Albania 2005 Final [Eng] Available
Belarus 2005 Final [Eng][Rus] Available Available
Bosnia and Herzegovina 2006 Final [Eng][Bos] Available Available
Georgia 2005 Final [Eng][Kat] Available Available
Kazakhstan 2006 Final [Eng][Rus] Available Available
Kyrgyzstan 2005-06 Final [Eng][Rus] Available Available
Macedonia (The former Yugoslav Republic of) 2005 Final [Eng][Mkd] Available Available
Montenegro 2005-06 Final [Eng] Available Available
Serbia 2005-06 Final [Eng] Available Available
Tajikistan 2005 Final [Eng][Rus][Tgk] Available Available
Turkmenistan 2006 Final [R  E  S  T  R  I  C  T  E  D
Ukraine 2005 Final [Eng](tables only) Available Available
Uzbekistan 2006 Final [Eng][Rus][Uzb] Available Available
East Asia and the Pacific
Lao People's Democratic Republic 2006 Final [Eng] Available
Mongolia 2005 Final [Eng] Available Available
Myanmar 2009-10 Final [Eng]
Thailand 2005-06 Final [Eng][Tha] Available Available
Vanuatu 2007 Final [Eng] Available
Viet Nam 2006 Final [Eng/Vie] Available Available
Eastern and Southern Africa
Burundi 2005 Final [Fra] Available

Kenya Eastern Province1
     Meru Central
     Meru North
     Meru South

2008 Final


Malawi 2006 Final [Eng] Available
Mozambique 2008 Final [Eng][Por] Available
Somalia 2006 Final [Eng] Available Available
Zimbabwe 2009 Final [Eng] Available
Middle East and North Africa
Algeria 2006 Final [Fr]
Djibouti 2006 Final [Fr] Available Available
Iraq3 2006 Final [Eng] Available Available
Palestinians in Lebanon 2006 Final [Eng][Ara] Available Available
Palestinians in the Syrian Arab Republic 2006 Final [Eng][Ara]
Syrian Arab Republic 2006 Final  [Eng][Ara] Available Available
Tunisia 2006 Final [Fra]
Yemen 2006 Final [Eng] Available Available
South Asia
Bangladesh 2006 Final [Eng] Available Available
Latin America and the Caribbean
Belize 2006 Final [Eng] Available
Cuba 2006 Final [Spa] Available Available
Guyana 2006-07 Final [Eng] Available
Jamaica 2005 Final [Eng] Available Available
Suriname 2006 Final [Eng] Available
Trinidad and Tobago 2006 Final [Eng] Available
West and Central Africa
Burkina Faso 2006 Final [Fra] Available
Cameroon 2006 Final [Fra] Available
Central African Republic 2006 Final [Fra] Available
Côte d'Ivoire 2006 Final [Fra] Available Available
Gambia 2005-06 Final [Eng] Available Available
Ghana3 2006 Final [Eng] Available
Ghana District 2007 Final [Eng]
Guinea-Bissau 2006 Final [Fra] Available
Mauritania 2007 Final [Fra] Available
Nigeria 2007 Final [Eng] Available
Sao Tome and Principe 2006 Final [Eng]
Sierra Leone 2005 Final [Eng] Available Available
Togo 2006 Final [Fra] Available

Other Surveys* Year Report† Survey Name
Angola7 2008-09 Final Vol I [Eng]
Vol II [Por]
Inquérito Integrado Sobre o Bem-Estar da População (IBEP)
Azerbaijan 2006 Final [Eng] Azerbaijan Demographic and Health Survey
Dominican Republic5 2006 Final [Spa] Encuesta Nacional de Hogares de Propósitos Múltiples
Morocco4 2006 Final [Fra][Ara] Enquête Nationale à Indicateurs Multiples et Santé des Jeunes
Niger6 2006 Final [Fra] Enquête Démographique et de Santé et à Indicateurs Multiples
Occupied Palestinian Territory2 2006 Final [Eng/Ara] Palestinian Family Health Survey
Sudan4 2006 Final [Eng] Sudan Household Health Survey (SHHS)

 * Non-MICS3 surveys which include MICS3 modules and which have received MICS3 technical assistance
† Name of report language as in ISO 639-3

In addition to the countries listed above, UNICEF has provided technical assistance and/or financial support to the following countries: Botswana, Moldova, Senegal, Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Paraguay, Sri Lanka to conduct surveys.


The Pan Arab Population and Family Health Project (PAPFAM) has provided technical assistance to all the countries of the Middle East and North Africa region shown in the above tables.