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Last update: Mar 2008


The MICS3 manual is available below in Microsoft Word (zipped) and Acrobat Reader formats.


English French Russian Spanish Arabic
Complete manual [PDF]
Title page and contents [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word]
1. Introduction [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word]
[PDF] [Word]
2. Getting Started [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word]
3. Designing the questionnaires [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word]
4. Designing and selecting the sample [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word]
5. Preparing for data collection [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word]
6. Conducting the fieldwork [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word]
7. Processing the data [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word]
8. Analysis, reporting and dissemination [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word]
1. Indicators for global reporting [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word]
2. Questionnaires [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word]
3. Instructions for interviewers [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word]
4. Instructions for supervisors and editors [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word]
5. Anthropometric Techniques [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word]
6. Data editing guidelines [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word]
7. Tabulation guidelines [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word] [PDF][Word]


  • List of changes 26 May 2006 [PDF][Word]