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Last update: Apr 2012

Dissemination materials produced by MICS countries 


  • CEE/CIS: Emerging challenges for children in Eastern Europe and Central Asia


  • Albania: Women and Children Report

  • Côte d'Ivoire: Synthèse (Summary) 2006 Vs 2000

  • Ghana: i) MICS 2006 Poster  ii) Poster on Child Health iii) Poster and Factsheet on Child Survival iv) Poster and Factsheet on Household Information v) Poster and Factsheet on Child Mortality vi) Poster and Factsheet on Reproduction Health vii) Poster and Factsheet on Urban Information viii) Poster and Factsheet on General MICS 2007

  • Guyana: i) Accordion Brochure ii) Bookmarks: Child Education, Child Health, Child Protection, HIV/AIDS, Maternal Health iii) Posters: Child Education, Child Health, Child Protection, HIV/AIDS, Maternal Health 
    iv) Reports: Summary, MICS 2006


  • Jamaica: i) Situation Analysis on Gender 2007 ii) Postcard

  • Malawi: i) Accordion Brochure, ii) Four posters on: Household Information, Child Health, Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS

  • Serbia: i) Leaflet  ii) Situation Room Panel

  • Tajikistan: i) 2007 Calendar  ii) Postcard

  • Myanmar: Mini-booklet

  • Thailand: Summary Report

  • Trinidad and Tobago: Statistical Digest

  • Vanuatu: Life in Vanuatu - Vanuatu MICS 2007: Young People's Edition

  • Vietnam: i) Factsheet ii) Booklet


  • CEE/CIS: Using MICS3 for Evidence-based Policy Making


  • Ghana: i) Gallery with Key Indicators ii) National Launch of MICS 2006 iii) Key Findings on Child Health and Maternal Health


  • Guyana: MICS Dissemination Materials


  • Jamaica: Launch of MICS 2005 Report

  • Kazakhstan: Using household survey (MICS and DHS) as an additional information for social policy planning and budgeting, monitoring and evaluation of programmes for children

  • Vietnam: i) Deputy Director-General Mr. Thuc of the General Statistics Office
    ii) United Nations Resident Coordinator, Mr. John Hendra


  • CEE/CIS: i) Regional Overview of MICS ii) MICS Info

  • Serbia: Serbian survey highlights poverty gaps

  • Thailand: Permanent Bookmark to Newspaper Article

  • Uzbekistan: Uzbekistan launches report on MICS 2006 survey


  • Côte d'Ivoire: Présentation des résultats de l’Enquête à Indicateurs Multiples 2006

  • Malawi: i) Maternal mortality remains high in Malawi - research  ii) Child care still a challenge

  • Nigeria: Nigeria National Bureau of Statistics and UNICEF embark on survey to monitor MDGs, maternal and child well being

  • Serbia: Serbian survey highlights poverty gaps

  • Thailand: Largest-ever survey on situation of children and women in Thailand shows progress and challenges


  • Thailand: Children's Situation Survey: Part 1 and Part 2

    Dissemination materials produced by UNICEF headquarters and countries

    Inequities in Early Childhood Development – What the data say, Evidence from the Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys [PDF


    Country-led monitoring and evaluation systems: Better evidence, better policies, better development results [PDF]


    Bridging the Gap: The role of monitoring and evaluation in evidence-based policy making [PDF]