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Last update: Nov 2014


The files are compressed and self-extracting versions of Microsoft Windows Word97 files.  [To unzip the files, copy them to a separate sub-directory on your IBM compatible PC, select one at a time in Windows Explorer and double click on the left mouse button; the file will be automatically uncompressed into a WinWord97 file.]


                         Date and size of file  


English French Spanish

Flow of questionnaire modules

99.11.12 (26KB) 99.11.15 (28KB) 99.11.15 (28KB)

Household questionnaire

99.11.12 (85KB) 99.11.15 (91KB) 99.11.15 (91KB)

Women's questionnaire

99.11.12 (53KB) 99.11.15 (62KB) 99.11.15 (61KB)

Children under-5 questionnaire

99.11.12 (68KB) 99.11.15 (79KB) 99.11.15 (76KB)

Cluster control sheet

99.11.12 (27KB) 99.11.15 (31KB) 99.11.15 (31KB)

The English version of the questionnaire is also available as Acrobat files.  These files provide an exact copy of the original questionnaire, so the correct format for any downloaded Word97 can be verified.