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Last update: Mar 2008

National datasets

MICS2 has put greater efforts in not only properly documenting the results published in the MICS2 country reports, but also to maximize the use of micro data sets via documentation and dissemination. For those MICS2 countries that granted UNICEF direct access to the micro data sets and documentation, a rigorous process was completed to ensure internal and external consistency, basic standards of data quality, corresponding documentation and, standardization of variable and value labels across countries.


For each country four SPSS data files were produced, corresponding to the four main units of analysis: households, household members, women in reproductive age (15-49 years of age) and children under the age of five. An additional Word file contains basic characteristics of the data such as year of the survey, sample sizes, weights, dictionary of variables and labels, and any existing limitations of the data files.


Below, you will find datasets for some selected countries. Although the format for the data sets is SPSS, these are compressed using WINZIP to facilitate their transfer.


Access to these datasets is restricted. The data may not be used for purposes other than those expressed in the application form and may not be redistributed or passed on to others in any form.

Mail forms to request datasets

Please note that there is a different user ID and password for each round of MICS datasets. To access the mail forms to request datasets for one or more of the following rounds, click on the corresponding links below:


MICS4:  http://www.childinfo.org/mailform2.php


MICS3: http://www.childinfo.org/mailform1.php


MICS2: http://www.childinfo.org/mailform.php


Datasets currently available: