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List of Figures
List of Table
Foreword and Acknowledgements 
Executive Summary
Summary Indicators
Introduction and Methodology
I. Introduction
Background Of The Survey
Azerbaijan: The Setting
Survey Objectives 

II. Survey Methodology
Sample Design
Fieldwork And Data Processing

III. Sample Characteristics And Data Quality
Response Rates
Age Distribution And Missing Data
Characteristics Of The Household Population
IV. Results

A. Infant And Under-Five Mortality

B. Maternal Mortality

C. Education

D. Water And Sanitation

E. Child Malnutrition
F. Child Health
H. Reproductive Health
I. Child Rights
Appendix A
Appendix A: Sample Design
A.1 Sample Design and Implementation
A.2 Sample Frame
A.3 Sample Size
A.4 Sample Allocation and Sample Selection
A.5 Coverage of The Sample
A.6 Estimates of Sampling Errors
Appendix B: List of Personnel Involved in the Azerbaijan MICS 
Appendix C: Questionnaires
Tables and figures 
Download the full Azerbaijan MICS report (281Kb)
Standard tables for Azerbaijan (190Kb)
MICS reports generally include the standard tabulation plan of 42 tables suggested by UNICEF-HQ. However, the tables included in the country reports do not always follow the specific order or syntax proposed. In order to keep comparability across countries, the 42 MICS standard tables were produced at UNICEF-HQ and can be accessed clicking the link above.