Group Tetanus toxoid


# Name Label Type Format Valid Invalid Question
1 tt1 Has immunization card Discrete numeric 1.0 1013 8458 Do you have a card or other document with your own immunizations listed?
2 tt2 Any tetanus toxoid injection during last pregnancy Discrete numeric 1.0 1010 8461 When you were pregnant with your last child, did you receive any injection to prevent tetanus (an injection at the top of the arm or shoulder)?
3 tt3 Times given tetanus toxoid during last pregnancy Continuous numeric 8.0 841 8630 How many times did you receive this anti-tetanus injection during your last pregnancy?
4 tt5 Any tetanus toxoid injection before last pregnancy Discrete numeric 1.0 320 9151 Did you receive any anti-tetanus injection at any time before your last pregnancy?
5 tt6 Times given tetanus toxoid before last pregnancy Continuous numeric 8.0 106 9365 During this period, how many times did you receive anti-tetanus injection?
6 tt8 Years ago last tetanus toxoid received Continuous numeric 8.0 34 9437 How many years ago did you receive the last anti-tetanus injection before that last pregnancy?
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