Group Marriage/union


# Name Label Type Format Valid Invalid Question
1 ma1 Currently married or living with a man Discrete numeric 1.0 9471 0 Are you currently married or in union?
2 ma2 Age of husband/partner Continuous numeric 8.0 6188 3283 How old was your husband/partner on his last birthday? (age in completed years)
3 ma3 Ever married or lived with a man Discrete numeric 1.0 3263 6208 Have you ever been married or in union?
4 ma4 Marital status Discrete numeric 1.0 367 9104 What is your marital status now?
5 ma5 Married or lived with a man once or more than once Discrete numeric 1.0 6575 2896 Have you been married or in union only once or more than once?
6 ma8 Age at first union Continuous numeric 8.0 377 9094 How old were you when you started living with your first husband/partner?
7 agem Age at first marriage/union Continuous numeric 8.0 6344 3127  
8 mstatus Marital/Union status Discrete numeric 1.0 9471 0  
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