Variable MN8D : Days staing in maternity home

Type: Continuous
Format: numeric
Width: 2
Decimal(s): 0
Range: 1-98
Valid case(s): 1124 (196.2)
Invalid: 5050 (5967.8)
Minimum: 1
Maximum: 98
Mean: 6.3 (6.3)
Standard deviation: 3.9 (4.2)

File: wm

Women aged 15-49 who gave birth to a child in the 2 years preceding the survey
Source of information
The eligible woman selected for interview


Value Category
97 Inconsistent
98 DK
Warning: these figures indicate the number of cases found in the data file. They cannot be interpreted as summary statistics of the population of interest.

Literal question
For how many days have you been staying in maternity hospital?
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