The questionnaires for the Thailand MICS were structured questionnaires based on the MICS3 Model Questionnaire with some modifications and additions. A household questionnaire was administered in each household, which collected various information on household members including sex, age, relationship, and orphanhood status. 

In addition to a household questionnaire, questionnaires were administered in each household for women age 15-49 and children under age five. For children, the questionnaire was administered to the mother or caretaker of the child. 

The questionnaires were translated into Thai by the NSO MICS coordinators in September 2005.

In addition to the administration of questionnaires, fieldwork teams tested salt used for cooking in the households surveyed for presence of iodine, and measured the weight and height of children under 5 years of age.


MICS 3 Questionnaires - English versions, english [eng], thailand [tha]
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MICS 3 Questionnaires - Thai versions, thai [tha], thailand [tha]
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