The questionnaires for the Somali MICS/PAPFAM were structured questionnaires based on the MICS3 Model Questionnaire with some modifications and additions. A household questionnaire was administered in each household, which collected various information on household members including sex, age, relationship, and orphanhood status. 

In addition to a household questionnaire, questionnaires were administered in each household for women age 15-49 and children under age five. For children, the questionnaire was administered to the mother or caretaker of the child. 

The questionnaires were developed in English from the MICS3 Model Questionnaires, and were translated into Af-Somali.  Differences in translation were reviewed and resolved in collaboration with the original translators.

The English and Somali questionnaires were both piloted as part of the survey pretest.

The questionnaires contained the following modules:

HOUSEHOLD: Household characteristics, household listing, orphaned children, education, child labour, water and sanitation, household use of insecticide treated mosquito nets, salt iodization and maternal mortality.

WOMEN: Women's characteristics, child mortality, birth history, tetanus toxoid, maternal and newborn health, marriage, polygyny, female genital cutting, contraception, HIV/AIDS knowledge and domestic violence.

CHILDREN: Children's characteristics, birth registration and early learning, vitamin A, breastfeeding, care of illness, malaria, immunization and anthropometry.


MICS3 Household Questionnaire, 2006-08-02, English [eng], Somalia [som]
Identification: HH Questionnaire
Questionnaires\SomaliaMICS3 Household questionnaire_English.pdf

MICS Womens Questionnaire, 2006-08-02, Somalia [som]
Identification: WM Questionnaire
Questionnaires\SomaliMICS3 Women's questionnaire_English.pdf
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MICS Children Questionnaire, 2006-08-02, English [eng], Somalia [som]
Identification: U5 Questionnaire
Questionnaires\SomaliaMICS3 Under 5 questionnaire_English.pdf

Questionnaires in Af-Somali
Identification: HH Questionnaire
Questionnaires\Questionnaires in

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