Group Newborn health


# Name Label Type Format Valid Invalid Question
1 MN9 Size of child at birth Continuous numeric 1.0 2294 4983 When your last child (name) was born, was he/she very large, larger than average, average, smaller than average, or very small?
2 MN10 Child weighed at birth Continuous numeric 1.0 2288 4989 Was (name) weighed at birth?
3 MN11A Weight from card or recall Continuous numeric 1.0 103 7174 How much did (name) weigh?
4 MN11 Weight at birth (Kilograms) Continuous numeric 6.3 103 7174 How much did (name) weigh?
5 HH1 Cluster number Continuous numeric 3.0 6305 0  
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