Group Acute respiratory infection


# Name Label Type Format Valid Invalid Question
1 CA5 Child ill with cough in last 2 weeks Continuous numeric 1.0 6295 10 Has (name) had an illness with a cough at any time in the last two weeks, that is, since (day of the week) of the week before last?
2 CA6 Difficulty breathing during illness with cough Continuous numeric 1.0 2414 3891 When (name) had an illness with a cough, did he/she breathe faster than usual with short, quick breaths or have difficulty breathing?
3 CA7 Symptoms due to problem in chest or blocked nose Continuous numeric 1.0 1276 5029 Were the symptoms due to a problem in the chest or a blocked nose?
4 CA8 Sought advice or teatment for illness Continuous numeric 1.0 845 5460 Did you seek advice or treatment for the illness outside the home?
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