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UNICEF Somalia Support Centre


Users of the data agree to keep confidential all data contained in these datasets and to make no attempt to identify, trace or contact any individual whose data is included in these datasets.

Access Conditions

Survey datasets are distributed at no cost for legitimate research, with the condition that we receive an abstract or a detailed description of any research project that will be using the data prior to authorizing their distribution. Copies of all reports and publications based on the requested data must be sent to UNICEF Somalia:

Requests for access to the datasets may be made through the website:

Citation Requirements

UNICEF Somalia,  Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey: Household , household listing, women, children's and birth history files, 2006.Nairobi provided by New York: Strategic Information Section, Division of Policy and Planning, UNICEF,

Disclaimer and Copyright


UNICEF provides these data to external users without any warranty or responsibility implied. UNICEF accepts no responsibility for the results and/or implications of any actions resulting from the use of these data.
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