The questionnaires for the Sierra Leone MICS3 were structured questionnaires based on the MICS3 Model Questionnaire with some modifications and additions. A household questionnaire was administered in each household, which collected various information on household members including sex, age, relationship, and orphanhood status. 

In addition to a household questionnaire, questionnaires were administered in each household for women age 15-49 and children under age five. For children, the questionnaire was administered to the mother or caretaker of the child. 

English is the only written language in Sierra Leone; for this reason, questionnaires were written in English and verbally translated by enumerators into the language preferred by the respondent (generally Krio, Timne, Mende or Limba), using standardized, pre-tested key words. The questionnaires were pre-tested in the Western Area in September 2005. Based on the results of the pre-test, modifications were made to the wording of the questions, the response categories, and the key words. 

Information extracted from final report:
Statistics Sierra Leone and UNICEF-Sierra Leone 2007. Sierra Leone Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 2005, Final Report. Freetown, Sierra Leone: Statistics Sierra Leone and UNICEF-Sierra Leone.


Household Questionnaire, english [eng], Sierra Leone [sle]
Questionnaires\Household Questionnaire 2005 (Final copy).doc
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Women's Questionnaire, english [eng], sierra Leone [sle]
Questionnaires\Women's Questionnaire 2005 (Final copy).doc
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Children's Questionnaire, english [eng], sierra Leone [sle]
Questionnaires\Children's Questionnaire 2005 (Final copy) .doc
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