Variable OV10 : Medical support

Type: Discrete
Format: numeric
Width: 1
Decimal(s): 0
Range: 1-9
Valid case(s): 8095 (8104.6)
Invalid: 34598 (34614.3)
Minimum: 1
Maximum: 8

File: hl

Children living in households with at least one child considered as an orphan or asa child made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS
Source of information
Head of household or other responsible household member


Value Category
1 Yes
2 No
8 DK
9 Missing
Warning: these figures indicate the number of cases found in the data file. They cannot be interpreted as summary statistics of the population of interest.

I would like to ask you about any formal, organized help or support that your household may have received for (name) and for which you did not have to pay.  By formal organized support I mean help provided by someone working for a program.  This program could be government, private, religious, charity, or community-based. Remember this should be support for which you did not pay.
Literal question
Now I would like to ask you about the support your household received for (name).

In the last 12 months, has your household received any medical support for (name), such as medical care, supplies or medicine?
Interviewer instructions
OV9 contains a statement that should be read to the respondent before starting on the questions OV10-OV18 for each child. Note that the respondent to this module can be the main respondent to the Household Questionnaire, and not necessarily the mothers or primary caretakers of children listed below OV8. 

We are not asking about all the help and support that a household may have received for a child; we are asking specifically about formal, organized support that came from an organization. The types of support we want to know about for the purposes of this survey are:
"	formal, organized support (government, private, religious, charity, community-based);
"	provided free of charge, the household did not have to pay, or
"	the help was provided specifically for the child.

As an example of the kind of help to include or not include: a neighbour acting on her own, cooking meals for the family because the mother is too sick to cook meals. While this help is of great importance to the household, if the neighbour is acting from her own good heart, we will not include it here. However, if that neighbour is working for an organization and part of her task at that organization is to provide meals (for free) for people who are too sick to cook for themselves, then we will include that type of help in this section.


Circle the code corresponding to the answer given.
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