Variable OV4 : Dead members were sick 3 months

Type: Discrete
Format: numeric
Width: 1
Decimal(s): 0
Range: 1-9
Valid case(s): 394 (394.8)
Invalid: 7606 (6683.2)
Minimum: 1
Maximum: 2

File: hh

Source of information
Head of household or other responsible household member


Value Category
1 Yes
2 No
9 Missing
Warning: these figures indicate the number of cases found in the data file. They cannot be interpreted as summary statistics of the population of interest.

Literal question
(Of those who died in the past 12 months and were between the ages of 18 and 59) were any of these people seriously ill for 3 of the 12 months before he/she died?
Return to the Household Listing and check the following:

1. Check totals for HL9 and HL11. 
	  At least one mother or father dead. Go to OV8
	  No mother or father dead
2. Check totals for HL8A. 
	  At least one  adult aged 18-59 very sick 3 of last 12 months. Go to OV8
	  No adult aged 18-59 very sick 3 of last 12 months 
3. Check totals forHL10A and HL12A. 
	  At least one mother or father ill 3 of last 12 months. Go to OV8
	  No mother or father ill 3 of last 12 months. Go to Next Module
Interviewer instructions
Circle the code corresponding to the answer given.

A person should be considered 'seriously ill' if he/she was too sick to perform his/her normal activities at work or at home, such as cooking, cleaning, driving or participating in activities. Also, we are asking whether the person was sick for a substantial amount of time, specifically for 3 months or longer of the previous 12 months. The episodes of illness do not need to be consecutive.

If 'Yes', skip to OV8 to ask about support systems to households with children - A 'Yes' answer to this question means that there is at least one adult who died during the past 12 months, who was 18-59 years of age and had been seriously ill for at least 3 months. If 'No', continue with the filter in question OV5.
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