Variable WS5 : Treat water to make safer for drinking

Type: Discrete
Format: numeric
Width: 1
Decimal(s): 0
Range: 1-9
Valid case(s): 7078 (7078)
Invalid: 922 (0)
Minimum: 1
Maximum: 8

File: hh

Source of information
Head of household or other responsible household member


Value Category
1 Yes
2 No
8 DK
9 Missing
Warning: these figures indicate the number of cases found in the data file. They cannot be interpreted as summary statistics of the population of interest.

Literal question
Do you treat your water in any way to make it safer to drink?
Interviewer instructions
The purpose of the following two questions, WS5 and WS6, is to determine whether the household drinking water is treated within the household and, if so, what type of treatment is used. This question is intended to gather information on water treatment at the household level and not water treatment at the municipal or vendor level.


Circle '1' if 'Yes', and continue to the next question. If 'No' or 'DK' (Doesn't know'), circle '2' or '8', respectively, and skip to WS7.
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