Group Female genital mutilation/cutting


# Name Label Type Format Valid Invalid Question
1 FG1 Ever heard of Female circumcision Discrete numeric 1.0 7654 1603 Have you ever heard of female circumcision?
2 FG3 Ever been circumcised Discrete numeric 1.0 7502 1755 Have you yourself ever been circumcised?
3 FG7 Who performed circumcision Discrete numeric 2.0 7165 2092 Who circumcised you?
4 FG9 Any daughters circumcised Continuous numeric 2.0 4906 4351 Have any of your daughters been circumcised? If yes, how many?
5 FG14 Daughter's age at circumcision Discrete numeric 2.0 1715 7542 How old was (name) when this occurred? If the respondent does not know the age, probe to get an estimate.
6 FG15 Daughter - who performed circumcision Discrete numeric 2.0 1715 7542 Who did the circumcision?
7 FG16 Circumcision should continue Discrete numeric 1.0 7502 1755 Do you think this practice should be continued or should it be discontinued?
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