Three sets of questionnaires were used in the survey: 
1) a household questionnaire was used to collect information on all household members, the household, and the dwelling; 
2) a women’s questionnaire administered in each household to all women aged 15-49 years; 
3) an under-5 questionnaire, administered to mothers or caretakers of all children under 5 living in the household. 

The questionnaires included the following modules: Household Questionnaire, Household Listing, Education,  Water and Sanitation Facilities, Household Background Characteristics, Child Labour, and Salt Iodization.

Questionnaire for Individual Women: Child Mortality, Tetanus Toxoid, Maternal and Newborn Health, Contraception, and - HIV/AIDS.

Questionnaire for Children Under Five: Birth Registration and Early Learning, Vitamin A, Breastfeeding, Care of Illness, Immunization, and Anthropometry.

The questionnaires are based on the MICS3 model questionnaire. Changes in format were made to the UNICEF MICS3 model Arabic version questionnaires that were pre-tested during March 2006.


MICS Questionnaires , The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics and Natural Resources, 2006-01-01, Arabic [ara], Palestinian Refugee Camps, Lebanon
Contributor(s): The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics and Natural Resources, Strategic Information Section, Division of Policy and Planning (DPP), UNICEF
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