Variable AN1 : Child's weight (kilograms)

Type: Continuous
Format: numeric
Width: 7
Decimal(s): 1
Range: 1.5-99
Valid case(s): 2262 (2262)
Invalid: 119 (119)
Minimum: 2
Maximum: 35

File: ch

Children aged 0-4
Source of information
Measured by the field staff


Value Category
99 Missing

After questionnaires for all children are complete, the measurer weighs and measures each child.
Record weight and length/height below, taking care to record the measurements on the correct questionnaire for each child. Check the child's name and line number on the household listing before recording measurements.

Child's weight.
Interviewer instructions
Weights and heights of all eligible children under five in the household will be measured after all the Questionnaires for Children Under Five are completed. However, if some respondents or children have to leave the household before all questionnaires in the household have been completed, or if a call-back has to be made to interview another respondent, it is best to complete the measurements on those children who are present. The most important thing is not to miss measuring those who are eligible.

Measurement of heights and weights will normally be the responsibility of field editors. Each fieldwork team will have one set of measuring boards and weighing scales. Therefore, once you have completed the questionnaires and are ready to start anthropometric measurements, you should call upon field editors to join you in the household, together with the equipment.

Although the field editor will be the main team member responsible for anthropometric measurements, you will also receive training on how to weigh and measure children. In some cases, the entrance of field editors to the household may not be possible; in such cases, you may yourself perform the measurements, with the assistance of the mother. 

Each child will be weighed and measured, and the results will be recorded in his/her questionnaire. Be sure the weight for each child is recorded on the correct questionnaire. Procedures for weight and height measurements are discussed in detail in Appendix Five. This section is confined to explaining how the results will be coded.


The child should be weighed according to the instructions given during training. Record the result to the nearest tenth of a kilogram (100 grams). Place the kilograms to the left of the decimal point and grams to the right of the decimal point. Use a leading zero if the number of kilograms is one digit.
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