Variable TT6 : Times given tetanus toxoid before pregnancy

Type: Continuous
Format: numeric
Width: 2
Decimal(s): 0
Range: 1-99
Valid case(s): 583 (583)
Invalid: 3372 (3372)
Minimum: 0
Maximum: 99

File: wm

Women aged 15-49 who gave birth to a child in the 2 years preceding the survey
Source of information
The eligible woman selected for interview


Value Category Cases weighted
98 DK 0 0 0.0%
99 Missing 5 5 100.0%

Literal question
How many times did you receive it?
Interviewer instructions
Ask about doses received during or before the next-to-last pregnancy or between pregnancies (at any time before the last pregnancy). Enter her response in the space provided, as in TT3.
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