Group Contraception


# Name Label Type Format Valid Invalid Question
1 CP0 Dos you mared Now Discrete numeric 1.0 3954 1 Are you married now?
2 CP1 Currently pregnant Continuous numeric 1.0 3641 314 Are you pregnant now?
3 CP2 Currently using a method to avoid pregnancy Continuous numeric 1.0 3357 598 Some people use various ways or methods to delay or avoid a pregnancy. Are you currently doing something or using any method to delay or avoid getting pregnant?
4 CP3 Current method Discrete character 3 2511 0 Which method are you using?
5 CP3A Current method: Female sterilization Discrete character 1 2510 0 Which method are you using?
6 CP3B Current method: Male sterilization Discrete character 1 63 0 Which method are you using?
7 CP3C Current method: Pill Discrete character 1 5 0 Which method are you using?
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