The questionnaires for the MICS were structured questionnaires based on the MICS - 3 Model Questionnaire with some modifications and additions. A household questionnaire was administered in each household, which collected various information on household members including sex, age, relationship, and orphanhood status. The household questionnaire includes household's characteristics, household listing, education, water and sanitation, child labour, child discipline, child disability, and salt iodization.

To reflect the country specific characteristics, module “Salt Iodization” of household questionnaire was enlarged by the question about the vitamin enriched flour and module “child discipline” was added with sub-module child behaviour. These additions were made based on the decisions made by work group members and Steering Committee. 

In the meantime, the salt used for household cooking was on site tested to measure the iodine content. 

Household questionnaire was administered to an adult household member who can best represent other members, women questionnaire to women themselves and under-five questionnaire to mothers or caretakers of children under 5 years.  Child weights and heights were measured during the interviews. 

The women's questionnaire includes women's characteristics, women listing, child mortality, maternal and infant health, marriage, contraception, attitudes towards family violence, and HIV/AIDS knowledge.

The children's questionnaire includes children's characteristics, child listing, birth registration and pre-schooling, child development , “A” vitamin supplement, breastfeeding, care of illness, immunization, and anthropometry.

The questionnaires were developed in Mongolian from the MICS3 Model Questionnaires, and were translated into English.  

In order to check the clarity and logical sequence of questions and determine the interview duration per household, the pretest of questionnaires was made in September 2005 covering the selected households in Erdene soum of Tuv aimag. Based on the findings of the pretest, wording and logical sequence of the questions were improved.


Mongolia MICS 2005-6 Household Questionnaire, Mongolia [mng]
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Mongolia MICS 2005-6 Women's Questionnaire, english [eng], mongolia [mng]
Questionnaires\MICS3 Women Questionnaire.doc
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Mongolia MICS 2005-6 Children's Questionnaire, english [eng], mongolia [mng]
Questionnaires\MICS3 Under5 Questionnaire.doc
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