Group Healthcare System Information


# Name Label Type Format Valid Invalid Question
1 SZ1 HOW FAR FROM YOUR RESIDENCE IS THE NEAREST HEALTH FACILITY? Discrete numeric 1.0 14564 436 How far from your residence is the nearest health facility?
2 SZ2 HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU SPEND TO REACH THE NEAREST HEALTH CARE FACILITY? Continuous numeric 1.0 14564 436 How much time do you spend to reach the nearest healthcare facility?
3 SZ3 IF ANYBODY IN THE FAMILY IS SICK, DO THE TREATMENT COSTS (TRANSPORTATION, MEDICATION, CONSULTATION, OBSERVATION ETC), PREVENT YOU FROM APPLYING FOR THE HEALTHCARE? Discrete numeric 1.0 14564 436 If anybody in the family is sick, do the treatment costs (transportation, medication, consultation, observation etc.) prevent you from applying for the healthcare?
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