The questionnaires for the Jamaica MICS were structured questionnaires based on the MICS3 Model Questionnaire with some modifications and additions. A household questionnaire was administered in each household, which collected various information on household members including sex, age, relationship, and orphanhood status. The household questionnaire includes  support to orphaned and vulnerable children, education, child labour, water and sanitation,  and salt iodization, with optional modules for child discipline, child disability and security of tenure and durability of housing.

In addition to a household questionnaire, questionnaires were administered in each household for women age 15-49 and children under age five. For children, the questionnaire was administered to the mother or caretaker of the child. 

The women's questionnaire include women's characteristics, child mortality, tetanus toxoid, maternal and newborn health, marriage,  contraception, and HIV/AIDS knowledge, with optional modules for unmet need, domestic violence, and sexual behavior.

The children's questionnaire includes children's characteristics, birth registration and early learning, vitamin A, breastfeeding, care of illness, malaria, immunization, and  an optional module for child development.

All questionnaires and modules are provided as external resources.


Household Questionnaire

Child Questionnaire

Women Questionnaire

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