Variable ov3 : Dead members were aged 15-59

Type: Continuous
Format: numeric
Width: 1
Decimal(s): 0
Range: 1-9
Valid case(s): 329 (320.6)
Invalid: 15314 (15377.5)
Minimum: 1
Maximum: 9

File: hl

Source of information
Head of household or other responsible household member


Value Category Cases Weighted
1 Yes 105 109 33.9%
2 No 207 202 62.9%
9 Missing 17 10 3.1%
Warning: these figures indicate the number of cases found in the data file. They cannot be interpreted as summary statistics of the population of interest.

Literal question
(Of those who died in the past 12 months) were any of these people between the ages of 18 and 59?
Interviewer instructions
Circle the code corresponding to the answer given. If the answer is 'No', skip to OV5.
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