Data Collection

Dates of Data Collection

2006-02 - 2006-06

Mode of Data Collection

Face-to-face [f2f]

Notes on Data Collection

In the South/Centre governorates, groups of three teams were supervised by a local supervisor from the statistical office of each governorate. A central supervisor from the steering committee members and MOH was assigned to each governorate. In Kurdistan Region, groups of three teams were supervised by two local supervisors (one from KRSO/SSD and one from MOH). Two central supervisors from KRSO/SSD and MOH were also assigned to each governorate. A high committee, consisting of members from KRSO/SSD and MOH was also assigned for overall supervision of the survey in Kurdistan. Vehicles were rented by all fieldwork teams (including local, central supervisors and steering committee members) to transport them to the selected clusters.

Fieldwork began in the South/Centre governorates of Iraq in February 2006 and concluded in March 2006. In the Kurdistan Region, fieldwork began in Suleimaniya governorate in April 2006 and was completed in April 2006 while fieldwork was initiated in May 2006 in Erbil/Dohuk governorates and concluded in June 2006.
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