Group Vitamin A


# Name Label Type Format Valid Invalid Question
1 va1 Child ever received vitamin A Continuous numeric 1.0 15599 971 Has (name) ever received a vitamin A capsule (supplement) like this one?
2 va2 Months ago child took last Vitamin A dose Continuous numeric 2.0 1668 14902 How many months ago did (name) take the last dose?
3 va3 Place child got last Vitamin A dose Continuous numeric 1.0 1668 14902 Where did (name) get this last dose?
4 bf3a Child received vitamin, mineral supplements or medicine Continuous numeric 1.0 16469 101 Since this time yesterday, did he/she receive any of the following: Read each item aloud and record response before proceeding to the next item. Vitamin, mineral supplements or medicine?
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