Variable HC1C : Ethnic group of head

Type: Discrete
Format: numeric
Width: 1
Decimal(s): 0
Range: 1-9
Valid case(s): 10908 (9847)
Invalid: 0 (0)
Minimum: 1
Maximum: 9

File: wm

Women aged 15-49
Source of information
Head of household or other responsible household member


Value Category
1 Georgian
2 Abkhazian
3 Osetian
4 Russian
5 Azerbaijani
6 Armenian
7 Other Ethnicity
9 Missing

Recoded variable
Literal question
To what ethnic group does the head of this household belong?
Interviewer instructions
Circle the code corresponding to the answer given. Make sure to get the religion, ethnicity or mother tongue/native language of the household head.
The variable is created from information collected on religion in the HH file. 
Codes 2,6 and 7 are recoded into code 6 (other).
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