Data Processing

Data Editing

Data editing took place at a number of stages throughout the processing including:
a) Office editing and coding
b) During data entry
c) Structure checking and completeness
d) Secondary editing
e) Structural checking of SPSS data files

Detailed documentation of the editing of data can be found in the data processing guidelines in the MICS manual

Data processing and coding manuals were prepared . The data processing manual has detailed editing instructions in addition to instructions on how to use the data entry applications. Intensive trainings were given to the data entry clerks, coders and editors.

Other Processing

The Census and Survey program (CSpro3.1) was used for the data entry application. Eighteen main data entry clerks and 18 verifiers were appointed, and they completed the entry and verification in about 2 and a half months. The coders appointed were 20 in number and they completed coding in about one and a half month. Before the analysis started the datasets were free from all structural and inconsistency errors.

Data were processed in clusters, with each cluster being processed as a complete unit through each stage of data processing.  Each cluster goes through the following steps:
1) Questionnaire reception
2) Office editing and coding
3) Data entry
4) Structure and completeness checking
5) Verification entry
6) Comparison of verification data
7) Back up of raw data
8) Secondary editing
9) Edited data back up
After all clusters are processed, all data is concatenated together and then the following steps are completed for all data files:
10) Export to SPSS in 4 files (hh - household, hl - household members, wm - women, ch - children under 5)
11) Recoding of variables needed for analysis
12) Adding of sample weights
13) Calculation of wealth quintiles and merging into data
14) Structural checking of SPSS files
15) Data quality tabulations
16) Production of analysis tabulations

Details of each of these steps can be found in the data processing documentation, data editing guidelines, data processing programs in CSPro and SPSS, and tabulation guidelines in the MICS manual


SPS syntax files for secondary data processing
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