Variable ml7x : Medicine given: Other

Type: Discrete
Format: character
Width: 1
Valid case(s): 15 (15.6)
Invalid: 0 (0)

File: ch

Children aged 0-4
Source of information
The mother or caretaker of the child aged 0-4.


Value Category
? Missing
X Other
Warning: these figures indicate the number of cases found in the data file. They cannot be interpreted as summary statistics of the population of interest.

Literal question
What medicine was (name) given?
Circle all medicines given. Ask to see the medication if type is not known. If type of medication is still not determined, show typical anti-malarials to respondent.
Interviewer instructions
Circle the codes corresponding to all medicines taken by the child to treat the fever, both antimalarials and other types of medicines such as acetaminophen given during this illness. If the respondent cannot remember the names of all the medicines the child took, use the following approach to probe for the correct names of the antimalarial or other types of medicines taken:

(1)	Ask to see the package of leftover medicines; some households keep popular antimalarial and other medicines at home. 
(2)	Show the respondent a sample of each common antimalarial - from both public and private sources - in the original packages, in case some respondents remember the containers.
(3)	Use common brand names when asking the respondent about antimalarial medicines. 

If the medicine is an antimalarial but is not listed, circle 'H' and fill in the name in the space provided. If the medicine is another type of medicine, but is not listed, circle 'X' and fill in the name in the space provided. If the mother/primary caretaker still doesn't know, circle 'Z'.
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