Variable WM9 : Age of woman

Type: Continuous
Format: numeric
Width: 2
Decimal(s): 0
Range: 15-49
Valid case(s): 5895 (5895)
Invalid: 11 (0)
Minimum: 15
Maximum: 49
Mean: 31.5 (33.2)
Standard deviation: 9.3 (10.3)

File: wm

Women aged 15-49
Source of information
The eligible woman selected for interview
Literal question
How old were you at your last birthday?
Interviewer instructions
Age (WM8 or WM9) is one of the most important questions in the interview, since almost all analysis of the data depends on the respondent's age. This question must be asked independently of the information on the Household Questionnaire. Even if you already asked the respondent her age when you were completing the Household Questionnaire, you must ask again for her date of birth and age on the Questionnaire for Individual Women.


Enter her age in completed years, that is, her age at her last birthday. If she knows her age, write it in the space provided.

If she does not know the answer to either of these two questions, probe for clues that might indicate her age. Ask how old she was when she was first married or first gave birth. Try to find out how long ago she got married or had her first child. (You may be able to find out the age of her oldest child if the child is still living. You may be able to relate her age to someone else in the household whose age is known. You may be able to determine her age based on how old she was when an important event occurred, and the number of years that have elapsed since.) You MUST fill in this information. Do not leave this blank.

Finally, before moving on to the next question, verify that the respondent is indeed eligible. If the woman is younger than 15 or older than 49, you have to terminate the interview. Do this tactfully by asking two or three more questions and then thank the respondent for her cooperation; write 'INELIGIBLE' on the cover page of the questionnaire, and correct the age and eligibility information for this woman on the cover page and in Columns HL5 and HL6 of the Household Questionnaire.
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