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Last update: Feb 2013

Tracking progress towards MDG 1

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Country Year Underweight % AARR(%) Progress towards the MDG
Afghanistan2004334.30%Insufficient data
Albania200953.80%On track
Algeria200533.10%Insufficient data
AndorraNo data
Angola2007167.60%On track
Antigua and BarbudaNo data
Argentina200520.50%Insufficient data
Armenia20105-5.50%On track
AustraliaNo data
AustriaNo data
Azerbaijan200681.40%Insufficient progress
BahamasNo data
BahrainNo data
Bangladesh2011362.40%Insufficient progress
BarbadosNo data
BelarusNo data
BelgiumNo data
Belize200640.70%On track
Benin2006182.60%On track
Bhutan2010134.30%On track
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)200843.10%On track
Bosnia and Herzegovina2005117.60%Insufficient data
Botswana2008112.00%Insufficient progress
Brazil200725.90%On track
Brunei DarussalamNo data
BulgariaNo data
Burkina Faso2010260.80%Insufficient progress
Burundi2010290.50%No progress
Cambodia2010283.30%On track
Cameroon2011151.00%Insufficient progress
CanadaNo data
Cape VerdeNo data
Central African Republic201024-0.40%No progress
Chad2010300.50%No progress
ChileNo data
China201047.10%On track
Colombia201033.80%On track
ComorosNo data
Congo2005111.80%Insufficient data
Cook IslandsNo data
Costa Rica200913.40%On track
Côte d'Ivoire2011161.50%Insufficient progress
CroatiaNo data
CubaNo data
CyprusNo data
Czech RepublicNo data
Democratic People's Republic of Korea2009197.50%On track
Democratic Republic of the Congo2010241.60%Insufficient progress
DenmarkNo data
Djibouti201023-1.70%No progress
DominicaNo data
Dominican Republic200735.30%On track
Ecuador200464.10%Insufficient data
Egypt200862.20%Insufficient progress
El Salvador200862.40%Insufficient progress
Equatorial Guinea200011-4.40%Insufficient data
Eritrea2002351.00%Insufficient data
EstoniaNo data
Ethiopia2011292.00%Insufficient progress
FijiNo data
FinlandNo data
FranceNo data
GabonNo data
Gambia2010181.40%Insufficient progress
Georgia200918.10%On track
GermanyNo data
Ghana2008142.70%On track
GreeceNo data
GrenadaNo data
Guatemala2009133.40%On track
Guinea2008210.30%No progress
Guinea-Bissau2010182.20%Insufficient progress
Guyana2009111.90%Insufficient progress
Haiti2006182.20%Insufficient progress
Holy SeeNo data
Honduras200683.70%On track
HungaryNo data
IcelandNo data
India2006431.20%Insufficient progress
Indonesia2010183.40%On track
Iran (Islamic Republic of)No data
Iraq200662.20%Insufficient progress
IrelandNo data
IsraelNo data
ItalyNo data
Jamaica200724.40%On track
JapanNo data
Jordan200924.50%On track
Kazakhstan200641.50%On track
Kenya2009161.40%Insufficient progress
KiribatiNo data
KuwaitNo data
Kyrgyzstan2006213.90%On track
Lao People's Democratic Republic2006311.40%Insufficient progress
LatviaNo data
LebanonNo data
Lesotho2009130.70%Insufficient progress
Liberia2010153.70%On track
LibyaNo data
LiechtensteinNo data
LithuaniaNo data
LuxembourgNo data
Madagascar200936-0.20%No progress
Malawi2010133.90%On track
Malaysia2006133.60%On track
Maldives2009174.90%On track
Mali2010271.60%Insufficient progress
MaltaNo data
Marshall IslandsNo data
Mauritania2010204.10%On track
MauritiusNo data
Mexico200636.30%On track
Micronesia (Federated States of)No data
MonacoNo data
Mongolia201055.90%On track
MontenegroNo data
Morocco201134.30%On track
Mozambique2011153.10%On track
Myanmar2009232.10%Insufficient progress
Namibia2007171.30%Insufficient progress
NauruNo data
Nepal2011292.30%Insufficient progress
NetherlandsNo data
New ZealandNo data
Nicaragua200765.30%On track
Niger2011390.50%No progress
Nigeria2008231.60%Insufficient progress
NiueNo data
NorwayNo data
Oman200993.50%On track
Pakistan2011321.30%Insufficient progress
PalauNo data
Panama200844.20%On track
Papua New GuineaNo data
Paraguay20053-1.30%Insufficient data
Peru201143.30%On track
Philippines2008221.90%Insufficient progress
PolandNo data
PortugalNo data
QatarNo data
Republic of KoreaNo data
Republic of MoldovaNo data
Romania200243.10%Insufficient data
Russian FederationNo data
Rwanda2010113.90%On track
Saint Kitts and NevisNo data
Saint LuciaNo data
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesNo data
SamoaNo data
San MarinoNo data
Sao Tome and Principe2009131.10%Insufficient progress
Saudi ArabiaNo data
Senegal2011180.60%Insufficient progress
SerbiaNo data
SeychellesNo data
Sierra Leone2010220.40%No progress
SingaporeNo data
SlovakiaNo data
SloveniaNo data
Solomon Islands2007121.90%Insufficient progress
Somalia200632-6.20%No progress
South Africa20089-0.40%No progress
South SudanNo data
SpainNo data
Sri Lanka2007212.60%On track
State of PalestineNo data
SudanNo data
Suriname200676.70%On track
Swaziland201064.10%On track
SwedenNo data
SwitzerlandNo data
Syrian Arab Republic2009100.70%Insufficient progress
Tajikistan200715-0.30%No progress
Thailand200675.60%On track
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia200510.90%Insufficient data
Timor-Leste201045-1.70%No progress
Togo2010170.50%No progress
TongaNo data
Trinidad and TobagoNo data
Tunisia200635.50%On track
Turkey2008210.60%On track
Turkmenistan200584.80%Insufficient data
TuvaluNo data
Uganda2011141.70%Insufficient progress
UkraineNo data
United Arab EmiratesNo data
United KingdomNo data
United Republic of Tanzania2010163.10%On track
United States20021-2.80%Insufficient data
Uruguay200251.20%Insufficient data
Uzbekistan2006410.40%On track
VanuatuNo data
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)200741.40%On track
Viet Nam2011124.70%On track
Yemen200343-3.50%Insufficient data
Zambia2007151.80%Insufficient progress
Zimbabwe201110-0.80%No progress