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Last update: Jan 2013

Percentage of women aged 15–49 who have been cut; data for the 29 countries known to practise FGM/C widely

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Country or territory Total Place of residence Wealth Index Quintile Source
Urban Rural Poorest Second Middle Fourth Richest
Benin13915151917105DHS 2006
Burkina Faso766978-----DHS 2010
Cameroon11214111DHS 2004
Central African Republic2418293431261715MICS 2010 preliminary
Chad444644474337436MICS 2010
Côte d'Ivoire3634395534373823MICS 2006
Djibouti939396-----MICS 2006
Egypt9185969596959278DHS 2008
Eritrea8986919491898784DHS 2002
Ethiopia7469767376757871DHS 2005
Gambia 7675787376818370MICS 2010 preliminary
Ghana435134311MICS 2011 preliminary
Guinea969496-----DHS 2005
Guinea-Bissau5041574957604441MICS 2010 preliminary
Kenya2717314031292615DHS 2008-09
Liberia5840727371675135DHS 2007, UNICEF HQ calculations
Mali8989888484889392MICS 2010 preliminary
Mauritania7260849690776049MICS 2007
Niger222-----DHS 2006
Nigeria30y37261323303939DHS 2008
Senegal262328-----DHS 2010-11
Sierra Leone8881929493938876MICS 2010
Somalia9897989899989896MICS 2006
Sudan88-------SHHS 2010 preliminary, UNICEF calculations
Togo43536552MICS 2010
Uganda11121112DHS 2011
United Republic of Tanzania15817251617136DHS 2010
Yemen23x,y2622-----DHS 1997
Zambia1-------ZSBS 2009

DHS: Demographic and Health Surveys
MICS: Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys
SHHS: Sudan Household Health Survey
ZSBS: Zambia Sexual Beahviour Survey
- Data not available
x Data refer to years or periods other than those specified in the column heading. Such data are not included in the calculation of regional and global averages.
y Data differ from the standard definition or refer to only part of a country. Such data are included in the calculation of regional and global averages.