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Last update: Jan 2012

34 Worldwide 34 per cent of maternal deaths are caused by haemorrhage


Millennium Development Goal: Improve maternal health

Target 5A: Reduce by three quarters, between 1990 and 2015, the maternal mortality ratio


Haemorrhage remains the leading cause of maternal mortality, accounting for approximately one third of deaths. Sepsis, prolonged or obstructed labour, hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, especially eclampsia, and complications of unsafe abortion, claim further lives.


The complications leading to a maternal death can occur without warning at any time during pregnancy and childbirth. And for every woman who dies, approximately 20 more suffer injuries, infection and disabilities.

Haemorrhage is the leading worldwide cause of maternal death
Cause of maternal death (Percentage)


Source: WHO, Systematic Review of Causes of Maternal Death (preliminary data), 2010


Reference: http://www.childinfo.org/maternal_mortality.html