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Last update: Jul 2012

UNICEF Documents and Publications

• Inequities in Early Childhood Development: What the data say
This publication, prepared by the Early Childhood Development Unit with support from the Division of Communication and the Statistics and Monitoring section of UNICEF, analyses some of the data gathered through MICS3 to provide an overview of factors that either support early childhood development or place it at risk. It also reveals inequities in parental care – and in access to early learning opportunities for children – that are associated with household income. The new data, combined with scientific evidence about the developing brain, provide a compelling case for more effective, better resourced and more precisely targeted action on early childhood development.

• State of the World’s Children 2001: Early Childhood
The 2001 edition of UNICEF’s flagship publication, State of the World’s Children, focused on the very earliest years of a child’s life, from birth to age three, and detailed the daily lives of parents and caregivers who are striving – often in the face of incredible challenges – to protect the rights and meet the needs of their young children. The report includes country profiles as well as maps and statistical data for 193 countries.