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Last update: Jan 2013

Learning materials at home

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Country or territory Learning materials at home (Children's books) Learning materials at home (Playthings ++) Children left in inadequate care Source
Total Poorest 20% Richest 20% Total Poorest 20% Richest 20% Total Male Female Poorest 20% Richest 20%
Afghanistan2155352574042394327MICS 2010-11
Albania321652535748131411916MICS 2005
Belize40177357555823241MICS 2011
Bhutan6124523660141315177MICS 2010
Bosnia and Herzegovina705288434943776610MICS 2006
Cameroon83225762463636364525MICS 2006
Central African Republic 1034941516160625860MICS 2010 prelim
Chad1024338505657565856MICS 2010 prelim
Côte d'Ivoire53133944355960586251MICS 2006
Democratic People's Republic of Korea79--47--171716--MICS 2009
Democratic Republic of the Congo1022921406060606939MICS 2010
Djibouti15--24--121113--MICS 2006
Gambia1054229492122192518MICS 2010 prelim
Georgia72489138414188878MICS 2005
Ghana61234131512121212715MICS 2011 prelim
Guyana542886656760111310196MICS 2006
Jamaica57--71--443--MICS 2005
Kazakhstan48247645404944454MICS 2010-11
Kyrgyzstan76768557595411129116MICS 2006
Lao People's Democratic Republic31115754402626253317MICS 2006
Lebanon29--16--9810--MICS 2009
Mali0024033493333333336MICS 2010 prelim
Mongolia23648687462998106MICS 2010 prelim
Montenegro775092394933685113MICS 2005-06
Morocco2195214197999116ENIMSJ 2006
Mozambique3210---333332--MICS 2008
Nigeria142353525423838374132MICS 2007
Serbia76498663656011121MICS 2010
Sierra Leone20103524503233322928MICS 2010
Suriname452075646763768131MICS 2006
Swaziland4112696474151515209MICS 2010
Syrian Arab Republic3012535252511717172215MICS 2006
Tajikistan174334643441313121511MICS 2005
Thailand432571555849131413187MICS 2005-06
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia521983717079555101MICS 2011 prelim
Togo2073126414142414535MICS 2010
Trinidad and Tobago81669365637211120MICS 2006
Ukraine979399473647101110154MICS 2005
Uzbekistan43325967746255567MICS 2006
Viet Nam203494941549109174MICS 2010
Yemen104314945493436334622MICS 2006

BFHS: Botswana Family Health Survey.
DHS: Demographic and Health Surveys.
ENIMSJ: Enquete Nationale a Indicateurs Multiples et Sante des Jeunes (Morocco).
MICS: Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys.
SHHS: Sudan Household Health Surveys.
- Data not available.
y Data differ from the standard definition or refer to only part of a country. Such data are included in the calculation of regional and global averages.
++ Changes in the definitions of several ECD indicators were made between the third and fourth round of MICS (MICS3 and MICS4). In order to allow for comparability with MICS4, data from MICS3 for the adult support for learning, father’s support for learning and learning materials at home (playthings) indicators were recalculated according to MICS4 indicator definitions. Therefore, the recalculated data presented here will differ from estimates reported in MICS3 national reports.

Indicator Definitions
Learning materials at home:
Children's books – Percentage of children 0#59 months old who have three or more children's books at home.

Learning materials at home: Playthings – Percentage of children 0#59 months old with two or more of the following playthings at home: household objects or objects found outside (sticks, rocks, animals, shells, leaves etc.), homemade toys or toys that came from a store.

Children left in inadequate care: Percentage of children 0#59 months old left alone or in the care of another child younger than 10 years of age for more than one hour at least once in the past week.