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Last update: Sep 2010

Data Dissemination

Researchers, program managers and legislators worldwide count extensively on UNICEF data to assess the situation of women and children, and to implement programs and plan policies on their behalf. The media, both locally and internationally, use the data to write stories stressing the unique situation of children and women.


Our Statistics in the News

Click the following link to access our latest stories: http://www.unicef.org/statistics/index_52749.html



UNICEF data are used for a variety of planning and monitoring purposes. They appear in UNICEF flagship publications such as The State of the World’s Children and Progress for Children and in a number of sector-specific reports including Progress on Drinking Water and Sanitation: Special Focus on Sanitation; Malaria and Children; and Pneumonia: The Forgotten Killer of Children. They are also used for evidence-based policy analysis such as in the ongoing Global Study on Child Poverty and Disparities being carried out in 40 countries and seven regions through UNICEF support.


Information sheets

A series of one-page information sheets highlighting the work done in several areas by UNICEF’s Statistics and Monitoring section is available for download.


MICS dissemination tools

MICS-related dissemination tools produced at the country and regional levels are divided into printed materials, presentations, web links and those focusing on the media.


Interactive sites

Progress for Children: Achieving the MDGs with Equity


State of the World's Children - Special Edition: Celebrating 20 Years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child


Participation at conferences

UNICEF dissemination staff are seting up booths at a number of national and international conferences that deal with monitoring the situation of children and women. Check this website regularly to find out where you can meet with and talk to us and be the first to hold UNICEF’s newest publications and tools in your hands!


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The Childinfo e-newsletter will appear on this site. In addition to receiving an electronic copy in advance, its members will also be given a range of benefits, including:


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  • Latest developments related to the fourth round of UNICEF-supported Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS) programme



    UNICEF also promotes data dissemination through DevInfo, a powerful database system that tracks progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and monitors commitments to sustained human development. DevInfo offers an easy-to-use structure that quickly generates tables, maps and graphs, even for trend data. It is a great advocacy and planning tool for national statistical offices, UN agencies, donors and civil society, contributing to greater MDG awareness and knowledge at the country level and to evidence-based policy-making. The software can be downloaded at http://www.devinfo.org/